Terry Backer
At the Capitol:
Legislative Office Building, Room 2102
Hartford, CT 06106-1591
(860) 240-8585 | 1-800-842-8267

A special election will be held on
February 2, 2016 to fill his seat.

In Memoriam

Statement from Speaker Brendan Sharkey today on the passing of Rep. Terry Backer, 61.

"For over two decades, Representative Backer became one of the most beloved and colorful characters of the General Assembly. His trademark denim attire reminded us he was never a traditional suit and tie guy, and that endearing image added perspective to every debate. An acknowledged expert on environmental issues, and in particularly his treasured Long Island Sound, Terry garnered the respect of colleagues on both sides of the aisle, always articulating his views with flair. Terry was always willing to speak against the tide when he felt it was needed, yet was a team player that understood consensus was how to get things done. Even as he battled for his life, Representative Backer made it to the Capitol to fight for his constituents and for what he believed was right. I am lucky to have known Terry as our friendship developed over the years. He was truly one of those special people who figured out how to give back more than you take in a lifetime."