Improving Connecticut's Business Climate

March 28, 2016

Representative David Baram and his colleagues have been trying to improve Connecticut's business climate to encourage economic growth and job creation. In an op-ed he co-authored with his colleague, Rep. Peggy Sayers, Baram outlines some of the pro-business steps that are being taken.

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Baram Gets Home Care Services Award

March 14, 2016

The Connecticut Homemaker and Companion Association and Home Care Association of America Connecticut Chapter honors Rep. David Baram for his leadership on issues related to seniors and those needing home care services.

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Baram Bill Blocks MDC Niagara Discount

March 4, 2016

A proposed Bloomfield water bottling plant, which sparked protests and prompted the formation of two opposition groups, has gotten the attention of two legislators.

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Baram, Bye Join Forces, Oppose Niagara

February 26, 2016

Rep. David Baram and Sen. Beth Bye have joined forces in opposing the Metropolitan District Commission’s decision to give a price discount on water service to Niagara Bottling, a water bottling plant in Bloomfield. For more details, read the Windsor Journal and Hartford Informer news stories.

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