How the State Serves You

Department of Administrative Services

Information on how to obtain state employment, current state job openings, and state exam announcements.

Human resources;

Department of Consumer Protection

Provides various services, including;

Consumer Complaint Center;

860-713-6300 or

Car Lemon Law Program;


Department of Economic and Community Development

Connecticut tourism information.


Office of Health Care Access

Consumer information services to assist with questions about the cost of a hospital treatment or assist individuals who are having difficulty understanding their financial obligations for hospital care. Provides consumer resource guides.

860-418-7001 or
1-800-797-9688 or
860-418-7058 (TDD)

Department of Higher Education

Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET); a college savings and investment program for families.


Insurance Department

Consumer Affairs Division that can handle insurance concerns and/or complaints against insurance companies or insurance licensees (must be sent in writing to State of Connecticut Insurance Department, Consumer Affairs, P.O. Box 816, Hartford, CT 06142-0816).

Any general questions about insurance,
contact 860-297-3900 or

Department of Motor Vehicles

Information on issues relating to motor vehicles, including; tax questions, registration and titles, emissions, licenses, inspections, records, and office locations and hours.

860-263-5700 or

Department of Public Utility Control

Information and consumer assistance with various types of problems with utility companies. Examples include; termination and reconnection of service, installation of service and line extensions, high bills, meter tests, reasonable payment arrangements, outages, deposits, incorrect rates or tariffs, quality of service, or unauthorized switching of local or in-state long distance telephone company.

860-827-2622 or
1-800-382-4586 or
860-827-2837 (TDD)

Department of Revenue Services

Information on Connecticut state taxes and to obtain tax forms and publications, as well as information on the Rebate '99 program.

860-297-5962 or
1-800-382-9463 or
860-297-4911 (TDD)

Department of Social Services

Services include; preventive services to families, services to the elderly, services to adults and people with disabilities, and rehabilitation services.
The Department also provides economic support for essential needs such as; medical assistance, HUSKY Plan (health insurance for children), financial assistance, nutritional assistance, energy assistance, child care, child support enforcement, emergency assistance, and housing assistance.

For public information and regional office numbers, call 860-424-4908
or 1-800-842-1508

For the hearing impaired,
call 860-424-4975 or
1-800-842-4524 (TDD)

HUSKY Plan (Healthcare for UninSured Kids and Youth)

Information on benefits and requirements, as well as customer service representatives to help with application process.

For more info. or to receive application


To apply by phone


For the hearing impaired


United Way of Connecticut Infoline

Professional caseworkers are available for referral and crisis intervention service for a wide variety of problems.

To access, call 2-1-1

Infoline also has specialized services, including the following;

Child Care Infoline


Children's Health Infoline


Birth to Three Infoline


Husky Health Infoline


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