Constituent Survey 2017

The 2017 Legislative Session begins on January 4th and ends June 7th. I will face many tough choices and need your input. Please take a moment to complete this survey. Your suggestions will allow me to better represent you in Hartford. It is an honor to be your state representative and I look forward to hearing from you about ways we can improve Connecticut for all of us.

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What concerns you and your family the most?
Here are some of the bills that are being proposed right now, where do you stand?
Legalizing marijuana for recreational use
Making it easier for citizens to vote
Providing community health services on a regional basis to save money
Bringing back highway tolls at the state borders
Curbing the Governor’s bonding authority
Providing college graduates, who stay in CT, with a tax break so they can pay down loans or buy a home
How can state government help create more good-paying jobs?
There ought to be law
Every so often, I find myself saying “there ought to be a law.” Now is your chance to suggest a bill that the legislature should consider. What are your ideas for what we should be working on at the Capitol?
Balancing The Budget: State Spending.
With budgetary constraints and economic difficulties in mind, which of the following programs would you protect? Please check one box for each program:
Cut a lotCut a littleProtect
Aid to small business
Aid to corporations
Aid to families and children
Aid to the disabled
Aid to the mentally ill
Aid to municipalities
Buses and railroads
Roads, bridges and highways
Public schools
Health care assistance for seniors
Open space land purchases
Prescription drugs for seniors
Prescription drugs for families
Protecting the environment
Rental assistance
State universities
Government workforce
Veteran services
Drug abuse rehabilitation
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