Currey-ently stuck in the Capitol

May 5, 2023

I continue to work closely with Sen. McCrory, co-chair of the Education Committee, the State Department of Education, educators, advocates, and families to ensure our legislation is helping to strengthen CT’s education system while supporting and respecting those on the front lines.

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Currey-ently finalizing our budget proposal

April 21, 2023

When the Chairwomen of the Appropriations Committee bang the gavel down at 5pm today, it will signal the completion of not only our committee’s work, but all committees, and mark the moment when fellow Chairs and Ranking Members will find themselves in even more rooms, zooms, and calls as we negotiate and ready final versions of proposals.

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Currey-ently working on the State Budget

April 6, 2023

Ahead of the holiday weekend, the legislature continues to hop along through our 2023 session with only our two “money committees” – Appropriations and Finance Committees – remaining to complete their regular work prior to set deadlines.

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$7.5 Million Awarded to Manchester

March 14, 2023

Today, the Manchester legislative delegation welcomed the Connecticut Community Investment Fund 2030 Board's approval of $7.5 million to Manchester to fund the redevelopment of the town's Main Street and Downtown areas, with intent for the redevelopment to benefit pedestrians and bicyclists through enhanced safety.

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Financial Assistance Support

February 27, 2023

Over the last few weeks and months, many individuals and families have emailed, called, or simply stopped me in the grocery store to share their stories of struggling with rising costs of basic necessities such as food, clothing, housing and healthcare.

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