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Emergency Forum

Chairman of the Public Safety and Security Committee, Stephen Dargan (D-West Haven) organized a forum featuring first responder agencies including police, fire, and emergency medical services with the goal of expanding the scope of emergency response to include such things as a release of radioactive material, an influenza pandemic, and airline passengers arriving in Connecticut with dangerous, contagious conditions.

The forum included formal presentations to committee members and the state's chief elected officials and town managers. The forum also included indoor and outdoor displays of emergency response plans, equipment, and vehicles. Presentations were made by commissioners of appropriate state agencies and some of those accountable for preparedness at the local level.


Rep Dargan
State Representative Steve Dargan, left, and Sportech managing director of sports venues Ted Taylor at Sports Haven in New Haven, Conn. Sportech recently introduced a Connecticut-based online horserace betting operation for the first time and Rep. Dargan believes online wagering opportunities will continue in the state. "We shouldn't use internet wagering to balance the budget, but we should look at all our options to raise new revenues," Rep. Dargan said.
State Representative Stephen Dargan, center left, and State Representative Paul Davis, center right, standing behind Governor Dannel P. Malloy at a ceremonial bill signing promoting safety in swimming pools. The bill was introduced in the General Assembly earlier this year by Reps. Dargan and Davis following the drowning deaths of two students in Connecticut swim classes. The bill, in part, calls for two certified and qualified persons to be present to help detect anyone who may be having problems in pools that may be crowded with students. The two lawmakers appreciated the Governor's invitation to participate in the signing ceremony because the event "brings additional attention to an important bill that hopefully will save lives and will promote common sense poll safety practices throughout the state."
State Representative Stephen Dargan, House Chair, Public Safety and Security Committee, brought out the bill that created a state-administered fund to help first responders and teachers in Newtown seeking treatment for traumatic stress from the December school shootings. The bill passed both the House and the Senate unanimously. Rep. Dargan told his colleagues "the death of children is the most difficult thing for first responders to deal with." The bill has been signed into law by the Governor.
From left to right: Rep. Dargan, Specialist Nickolas Drake, and Private First Class John Burton.
Rep. Dargan and Detective Kathleen Henry.
Rep. Dargan outside the State Capitol May, 2003.
Rep. Dargan, Rep. Dyson and State Capitol Police Chief Michael Fallon with young visitors from the Capitol Child Development Center.