Representative Patricia Dillon is an Deputy Majority Whip of the Connecticut House of Representatives and serves on the Appropriations, Judiciary, and Environment committees. She chairs the health subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee.

Pat came to government from a background of community activism. She was a community organizer in Appalachia and in New Haven and is a founder of programs for battered women. As the first director of New Haven's shelter she developed programs in Connecticut dealing with family violence.

After serving on New Haven's Board of Aldermen and chairing its budget committee, she brought her fiscal experience to the General Assembly and has worked on both sides of the budget - revenue and spending. She has served as Deputy Majority Leader, chair of the Public Health Committee, chair of the Screening Committee, and chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Hospitals.

Pat authored programs for crime victims, disease prevention, screening of newborns for life threatening conditions, universal child immunization, school-based health clinics, community health centers, and lead poisoning prevention. She co-wrote legislation creating needle exchange programs to prevent AIDS and breast and cervical cancer screening and treatment for uninsured women. She wrote uncompensated care law and initiated state regulation of for-profit takeovers of non-profit hospitals. She has shaped much of Connecticut's AIDS policy, family violence policy, injury prevention, addiction and mental health policy, and has been a consistent, effective advocate for the disabled. Pat has been honored many times for pioneering work such as setting up the first WIC produce nutrition program, AIDS pharmacy programs, and addiction treatment for pregnant women. She established an injury prevention program and a system for identifying injury in our emergency rooms. She co-authored Connecticut's HUSKY plan for children to cover the mental health needs of children. Most recently she has targeted health for working artists and for military families. She established an initiative for mental health needs of National Guard and reserve families, and to screen our soldiers for exposure to toxins, both of which are national models.

Pat graduated from St. Mary's High School, Marymount College, Ohio State University, and Yale University. Her Yale thesis on AIDS was published, contributing to "Blood Feuds" published by Oxford Press. She collects rare books, grows roses, and is an organic gardener. Pat, her husband Dr. Jack Hughes and their son Patrick live in the Westville section of New Haven.

Honored by:

  • CT Public Health Association, Legislator of the Year
  • CT Dental Society, Legislator of the Year
  • CT Anti-Hunger Coalition, Legislator of the Year
  • CT Coalition for Children, Legislator of the Year
  • CT Association of Human Services, Legislator of the Year
  • CT Association of Substance Abuse Agencies, Legislator of the Year
  • CT NOW, Susan B. Anthony Award
  • Women’s Health Services, Legislator of the Year
  • YWCA, Women in Leadership Award
  • Region II Mental Health Providers, Legislator of the Year
  • CT Association of Halfway Houses, Legislator of the Year
  • CT Ambulance Association, Legislator of the Year
  • Project M.O.R.E. Inc., Legislator of the Year
  • Maternal/Child Health Care, Legislator of the Year
  • CT United Way; NEHCEU District 1199, Legislator of the Year
  • HealthFirst, Legislator of the Year
  • CT Association of Non-Profits (CARF), Legislator of the Year
  • Association of Retarded Citizens Legislator of the Year.