West River Comes To Life

April 10, 2017

Residents from both New Haven and Woodbridge gathered at the edge of West River, at the site of the old dam, for an update Saturday on the progress of the river and what is hoped for the future of recreation that would tie the two cities together.

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The Future of Retail in Connecticut

March 6, 2017

Part of my responsibility in Hartford is to make sure New Haven gets its fair share of dollars. An equally important responsibility is to protect New Haven’s current tax base. To that end, I have filed legislation, Proposed Bill 6100, “An Act Concerning the Future of Retail in Connecticut” and testified before the Legislature’s Commerce Committee.

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Preventing Injuries in College Athletes

February 8, 2017

Two days after the Super Bowl, Rep. Pat Dillon testified Higher Education Committee on legislation (HB 6870) to protect the health and safety of college athletes.

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January 26, 2017

I was proud to stand with colleagues and “Dreamers” in support of legislation for access to higher education. The bill would help students in the 92nd district and my own neighborhood, among others, who pay tuition and fees at public colleges, but are not eligible for financial aid due to a quirk in our law.

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