Dear Neighbors,

Together we led the way in passing significant legislation during the 2016 session of the General Assembly to help protect and improve the quality of life for Connecticut families. Please know that I sincerely appreciate hearing from the constituents who reached out to me to express their opinions and concerns on this year’s legislation. I know these are tough times; please know that your concerns were definitely heard.

This session was dominated by the budget. Although there were no easy solutions, we approved a budget that is balanced, without tax or fee increases, without borrowing, and without dipping into the Rainy Day Fund. Significant spending cuts were made.

Improving public health, increasing public safety, and encouraging financial security for everyone were featured elements in some of the major bills approved by the legislature this year.
As always, it is truly an honor to serve the town of Ansonia and Derby and its residents. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I hope you have a wonderful and safe summer.


Consumer Protection

We addressed important consumer protection concerns this year by providing increased privacy for cellphone and internet subscribers, controlling the disclosure of customers’ information in criminal investigations, and requiring service stations to post a notice informing customers if a 24-hour hold will be placed on their credit or debit card account.

Gift Cards

The legislature has passed a law that will allow consumers to receive cash back on gift cards with a remaining balance of less than three dollars. This is a simple and fair measure to help consumers hold on to more of their own money.

Tackling The Opioid Epidemic

In recent years, Connecticut, like other New England states, has seen a heartbreaking increase in fatal opioid overdoses. Earlier this year, we passed ground breaking legislation to combat this crisis. This lifesaving law will allow any licensed healthcare professional to administer drugs that reverse opioid overdoses, require municipalities to equip their first responders with the opioid reversal drug Narcan, and cap first-time opioid prescriptions at a seven-day supply.

Recruiting Minority Teachers

New legislation broadens the size and scope of the Minority Teacher Recruitment Task Force.  Through a pilot program in select towns, we hope to encourage minority students to pursue a career in education. The program includes an introductory course in education and the chance for high school students to earn college credits.