Dear Friends:

It is with very mixed emotions that I chose not to seek another term as your State Representative of the 104th Assembly District.

I want to thank all of the citizens of Ansonia and Derby and specifically the people in my district for their friendship and steadfast support for 14 years. I always tried to listen and respond to your needs and worked to improve our community. I hope I have succeeded in my goals.

The legislature is an arena to debate ideas and public policy. I hope you will continue to be open-minded and engaged in the dialogue and discussion, sharing your thoughts and concerns with the next duly elected individual.

It has truly been a privilege to represent you. I will continue to serve until January, 2019, so please feel free to call me for any help or information.

Thank you for allowing me to work for you.


Ansonia & Derby Funding 2004-2019

Over my tenure as State Representative I continued to fight to bring your state tax dollars back home.

Fiscal Year Ansonia Derby
2004 $12,803,311 $7,398,080
2005 $13,012,746 $7,592,855
2006 $13,641,295 $7,850,730
2007 $13,669,846 $7,884,844
2008 $15,248,313 $8,664,692
2009 $15,837,701 $8,976,588
2010 $15,342,553 $8,499,302
2011 $15,369,510 $8,463,994
2012 $16,024,104 $8,740,289
2013 $16,536,506 $8,808,857
2014 $16,769,853 $9,315,389
2015 $17,594,708 $9,701,905
2016 $17,548,406 $9,603,441
2017 $17,655,192 $9,980,554
2018 $17,758,964 $9,748,148
2019 $17,616,984 $9,749,342

Fighting For Education

I understand the importance of education and have constantly fought to increase funding for our schools.

Fiscal Year Ansonia Derby
2018 $16,421,595 $7,857,361
2019 $16,722,773 $8,084,161

Protecting Healthcare For All

The Affordable Care Act contains ten essential health benefits including maternity and newborn care, prescription drugs, and chronic disease management that all Americans deserve to have covered in their health insurance plans. With national attempts to dismantle this program, we passed legislation to safeguard these benefits to ensure that no matter what happens in Washington, every insurance policy in Connecticut has to cover basic health services like hospitalization, rehab, preventative care and mental health. Additionally, we went a step further and made sure twelve-month contraceptive prescriptions are also covered by all insurance policies so that all women can choose if and when they want to start a family, and not worry about the cost of birth control.

Caring For Our Veterans

The service and sacrifices of our Armed forces members must always be valued and honored. Over the last few years we have done the following for our veterans:

  • Increased the bonus cap for National Guardsmen being called to active duty from $500 to $1200.
  • Extending eligibility for State Veterans’ cemeteries
  • Expanded the Military Relief Fund
  • Increased penalties for desecrating veteran’s memorials
  • Expanded the benefits of Gold Star families

Strengthening Manufacturing

According to recent surveys Connecticut businesses are expected to have over 4,000 good paying, new jobs to fill over the next few years. This is why we are continuing our efforts to encourage students to consider careers in manufacturing, working to develop mobile manufacturing training labs that will visit middle and high schools to educate students about advanced manufacturing. This continues our work to invest in our community colleges and technical high schools, and our belief that technical education and career training can lead students to family-supporting jobs.

In addition, we’ve begun a process of creating a single online portal for businesses to get registered, licensed, and permitted by the state. This system should reduce waste, improve communication, and give business owners more time to focus on growing their business.

Capitol Update 2018 (pdf)