Constituent Survey 2019

Thank you for the honor of representing you in the General Assembly.  To best advocate and fight for your interests at the Capitol, I need to know what you’re thinking about the issues and challenges facing Connecticut.

That’s why each year I send you this legislative survey. This survey keeps me up-to-date on the issues that affect your every day life the most, so that I can better serve you. The 2019 Legislative Session begins on January 9th and ends June 5th. During this time, I will face many tough choices, which is why it is so important for me to get feedback from you about the most pressing issues facing Danbury. I hope you will take a few minutes to complete this survey.

As always, please do not hesitate to write, email, or call to share your ideas and opinions about state issues. Getting to hear from you is my favorite part of the job. If you’re ever at the Capitol in Hartford let me know. I love when Danbury folks visit.

What concerns you and your family the most?
Got an idea for a state law? Tell me about it:
Every so often, I find myself saying “there ought to be a law.” Now is your chance to suggest a bill that the legislature should consider. What are your ideas for what we should be working on at the Capitol?
Paid Family Medical Leave
Too many families are financially stressed when someone has to take time off from work and lose pay when a new baby arrives, or a family member is ill and needs constant care. Under current law, you can only get the time off without pay. During the 2019 legislative session, I’ll be working to create a voluntary Paid Family and Medical Leave Program. My idea is that employees in businesses in Connecticut could earn paid time off by voluntarily making a small weekly contribution (less than one dollar) into a special fund. The Department of Labor would administer the fund. No taxpayer money or employer money would go into the fund. The fund would not be used for anything else. If the employees who join need time off to deal with a family member’s sickness, or take care of a newborn, they would have a temporary, reliable source of income. What do you think? Please choose all that apply:
What is the most serious problem facing Danbury?
Balancing The Budget: State spending & program cuts during a budget deficit
If you were voting on the state budget, would you vote to spend less, more, or the same on each of the following programs?
Aid to Businesses
Aid to Families with Children
Aid to People with Disabilities
Aid to Developmentally Disabled People
Aid to Municipalities
Buses and Railroads
Crime Victim Services
Danbury’s Public Schools
Drug Abuse Prevention Education
Drug Abuse Rehabilitation
Health Care Assistance for Seniors
Health Care Assistance for Families
Health Care Assistance for Everyone
Open Space Land Purchases
Prescription Drugs for Seniors
Prescription Drugs for Families
Protecting the Environment
Rental Assistance for Families
Rental Assistance for Seniors
Roads, Bridges and Highways
The State Courts
State Universities, like WCSU & NVCC
The State Police
Veteran Services
If cuts need to be made to rebalance the budget, what program or service that you use would you be willing to give up or cut back?
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