CT Post: Bridgeport plan to sell Sikorsky Airport halts aviation museum's takeoff

September 20, 2022

State Rep. Joseph Gresko, a Democrat, represents the neighborhood where Sikorsky Airport is located and helped to obtain the $1 million for the air and space center.

"Look, it's a built-in gem," Gresko said of the museum. "If it was me (we) would promote it, embrace it, celebrate that it's there. Stratford has arguably one of the best aviation histories and reputations not only in the country but, arguably, the world, so you would want to highlight that as a draw for your airport."

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CT Post: CT officials are targeting sewer pollution with $580 million in grants to cities and towns

August 3, 2022

"State Rep. Joe Gresko, D-Stratford, co-chairman of the legislative Environment Committee, said Tuesday that he is hoping that Stratford and Bridgeport can soon get in line for funding. He noted that Bridgeport’s West End facility, where storm water from combined sanitary and storm sewage result in overflows into Black Rock Harbor and nearby Ash Creek, are responsible for nearby beach closures."

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Heating Homes in an Environmentally Friendly Way

July 6, 2022

After four long years of hard work on this, I'm proud that this bill finally becomes law on Friday. Starting July 1, as part of the on-going effort to make our state and way-of-life more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient, all home heating oil must contain a 5% biodiesel mix. The mix will be purchased from restaurants across the state and will be mixed prior to home delivery (and it comes at no additional cost to homeowners!)

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Investing In A Cleaner Environment

May 23, 2022
Prior to the start of the 2022 legislative session, I made it a priority as House Chair of the Environment Committee and member of the Energy Committee to support policies and bills that would help cut our carbon footprint, increase our reliance on clean energy sources, and protect the health of Connecticut residents.
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