Women, Families Need Financial Security

March 28, 2018

Connecticut’s ability to thrive is dependent upon the state of our working families, the state of our economy and the state of our communities. We can invest in the success of our families and our businesses by addressing the economic disparities present in our state and creating equitable opportunities for everyone.

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Lesser Hails Arts Grants For Middletown

March 22, 2018

Rep. Matthew Lesser, House chair of the legislature’s Banking Committee, hailed today’s announcement of state grants approved for Middletown organizations for the arts. “I'm thrilled that this funding is coming to these great Middletown area arts organizations,” Representative Lesser says.

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NY Times Editorial Denounces DeVos Policy Exempting Student Loan Service Companies

March 19, 2018

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ policy claim that the federal government can pre-empt Connecticut laws that rein in student loan servicing companies is “legally baseless” as this New York Times editorial points out. A student loan servicing company that now believes it does not have to treat borrowers fairly because DeVos simply says so is going to be very disappointed, Representative Matthew Lesser says.

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As Lead In Children Persists, Rep. Lesser Is Seeking Legislation To Find A Solution

March 15, 2018

With Connecticut children continuing to test positive for lead at consistently high numbers, Rep. Matthew Lesser, the House chairman of the Banking Committee, has introduced legislation aimed at seeking a solution. His efforts have drawn the attention of the news media.

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