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In 2010, House Speaker Sharkey chaired the Municipal Opportunities & Regional Efficiencies (MORE) Commission. This group worked in a collaborative manner, bringing together legislators with town officials, advocates and concerned citizens. Utilizing this process created effective legislation that saved municipalities and taxpayers money, while garnering bipartisan support in our respective chambers. Upon the passage of that legislation, Speaker Sharkey pledged that our work was not done and that we could still do more to relieve the pressures felt by our cities and towns as they face tough budget decisions. That is why he is reinstating MORE, establishing task forces headed by a bipartisan and bicameral group of legislators to work on areas identified earlier as being areas where these changes can be made.

The Commission on Municipal Opportunities and Regional Efficiencies (MORE) has initiated a new approach to state and local government in Connecticut that will make our state more economically competitive in the short and long term.

With an emphasis on cost efficiency through regional collaboration, the MORE Commission will look for ways to put into law some of the efficiencies it earlier identified, including regionalizing some of the functions of local government and other entities. The Commission will take into account the legal obstacles that have thus far prevented those changes, how to establish regional entities that might carry out those functions more efficiently and how to track and evaluate these initiatives.

The Commission currently has three subcommittees, focusing on the following subject areas:

  • Municipal Efficiencies
  • Regional Entities
  • Special Education
Rep. Brendan Sharkey
State Rep. Jonathan Steinberg
Remarks on MORE Commission

   Sen. Tim Larson
   Rep. Jonathan Steinberg

Vice Chairman
   Sen. Steve Cassano
   Rep. Jason Rojas
   Rep. Chris Davis


Municipal Efficiencies
   Rep. Kevin Ryan, Chair
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Regional Entities
   Rep. Peggy Sayers, Chair
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Special Education
   Rep. Brian Becker, Chair
   Rep. Michelle Cook, Chair
   Rep. Terrie Wood, Chair
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Education Budget
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Municipal Tax Authority
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