Manufacturing Day at the Capitol

April 14, 2016

Joe and House Republican Leader Themis Klarides speak at Manufacturing Day at the Capitol. 

House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz (D–Berlin/Southington) and House Republican Leader Themis Klarides (R–Derby) hosted “Manufacturing Day at the Capitol” to celebrate the progress Connecticut is making in its efforts to grow manufacturing jobs in Connecticut.

“Today’s event gave a great illustration of what the manufacturing world looks like today and showed why it is so important to educate our young people about the field,” said Aresimowicz. “Manufacturing is no longer what it was during our childhoods. It is computer based and requires advanced training in machine operation and the ability to understand complex mathematical equations. Furthermore, the vast majority of students in these programs have good paying jobs lined up before they even graduate. HB 5423, which we passed unanimously out of the house yesterday, is all about partnering with our manufacturers to make sure that our young people know about these opportunities."

“Manufacturers consistently tell us that they need more skilled workers to fill positions if they are to expand their businesses. These are good paying jobs that require specific skill sets in an industry that is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Connecticut has a long history of being a leading manufacturing state. This legislation is a great step forward for fulfilling the needs of manufacturers and providing a skilled workforce into the future.” Klarides said.

The event featured a number of the manufacturing industry associations, state agencies, non-profits, and institutions of higher education that work with Connecticut’s manufacturing base and train the future work force.

State agencies, organizations and associations had information tables displaying the work they do in Connecticut. Participating organizations included the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centers, Connecticut Technical High School System, New Haven Manufacturers Association, New England Spring and Metal Stamping Association, Connecticut Tool and Machining Association, Smaller Manufacturers Association, Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance, Employers Association of the Northeast, CT Department of Economic and Community Development, ConnSTEP, and CBIA’s Education and Workforce Partnership.

Press Release: Aresimowicz and Klarides Host Manufacturing Day At The Capitol