Upcoming Public Hearings

February 6, 2017

I have introduced many pieces of legislation this session aimed to improve healthcare, equity in the workplace, and the quality of life for all Connecticut families. In order to determine how laws will impact residents, committees hold public hearings to gather everyone's opinions.

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Orange Named to Leadership Team

January 9, 2017

Linda Orange will serve in the key position of Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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Great Strides in Manufacturing

June 6, 2016

Connecticut has recently made some great strides in manufacturing. Thousands of new manufacturing jobs are expected to be created in the state over the next few years, and the legislature has been doing its part to ensure that our workforce is ready to meet this rising demand.

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Volunteer Firefighter Tax Credit

April 19, 2016

The House has approved legislation to extend an optional municipal property tax relief program for certain volunteer public safety personnel, to retired volunteer firefighters, paramedics, EMTs and other retired public safety volunteers with at least 25 years of service.

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