Recyling in the 36th & About That "Nips" Money

October 6, 2023

Disposal of solid waste - including food scraps that are easily compostable - is a crisis in our state that’s costing our towns money and harming the environment. While anywhere between 20 and 40 percent of solid waste is easy to divert out of the waste stream, much of it is currently being trucked hundreds of miles out of state.

Still, some great things are happening on the local level regarding recycling and food scrap diversion, largely through the Sustainable CT program. Of Connecticut’s 169 towns, 131 municipalities are registered with Sustainable CT. I’m happy to report that Chester is the latest town to earn a “Silver Certification.” Essex is also a “Silver” certified town. (See more below.) Congrats to both Chester and Essex for this distinction! 

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Lowering Your Prescription Drug Costs

September 25, 2023

Connecticut is about to take a transformative step toward making prescription drugs more affordable for all.

On October 2, all Connecticut residents will be eligible to sign up for ArrayRx, a prescription drug discount card program that provides up to 80% off certain prescriptions at nearly all pharmacies in the state.

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