Sikorsky Long-Term Deal Approved

September 28, 2016

State Representative Chris Perone (D-Norwalk) is pleased the General Assembly has approved a deal that Sikorsky Aircraft, which has made its home in Stratford since 1929, will remain here until at least 2032. “I am grateful and proud that this initiative has been passed in both chambers which will save thousands of jobs throughout Connecticut, including jobs in Norwalk and throughout the state,” said Rep. Perone. “This is very good news for our state and local economies, and it is vital to ensuring a positive, economic future for the state of Connecticut.”

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Fertility Coverage Measure Updated

June 10, 2016

Rep. Perone lauds a change reported by the Connecticut Insurance Department to cover medically necessary infertility treatment for women over 40 years of age, fully implementing legislation he previously championed through the legislature.

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CT's Step Up Program Lauded

June 9, 2016

The Connecticut Department of Labor Commissioner recently released a report regarding the Subsidized Training and Employment (Step Up) Program. I am pleased to review the report and see the praiseworthy results of this program. Helping our state’s small businesses grow and expand, while connecting them to unemployed jobseekers who want to participate, is a win for all.

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Made-In-CT Bill Clears House

April 20, 2016

A measure that would allow state manufacturers to add a “Made-in-CT” logo to their locally produced products passed the House of Representatives.

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New CT Casino Needs Study

February 26, 2016

The implications of allowing state-wide casino gambling without having all the facts of its potential impact to the state is a missed opportunity. I am introducing legislation requiring the state to conduct a substantive review of the costs and benefits of expanding commercial casinos in Connecticut. As co-chair of the legislature’s Commerce Committee, I am accustomed to considering a wide range of proposals that purport to improve or enhance economic development. In doing so, I rely on a thorough investigation of the facts and a conscientious review of relevant data which is precisely what would be achieved by a comprehensive, independent study.

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