Dear Friends & Neighbors,

We balanced an impossible budget during the last legislative session without raising taxes or fees. Dramatic cuts had to be made to many programs. And we still battle daily to protect Branford projects, services and schools. We want to ensure that Branford actually collects the state funding and grants we fought to obtain and that our Town receives priority attention and support from state agencies. Again, these objectives require daily battles.

Last session presented no easy solutions, but despite tumultuous debates and the pain inflicted by unavoidable cuts, we were able to adopt legislation that:

  • Assists Seniors and Veterans
  • Protects Branford Schools
  • Safeguards the Environment
  • Reduces the cost of State Government

I am so grateful to have heard often from so many of you throughout the process. Thank you for sharing your wisdom about crafting a sustainable state budget that reduces spending and promotes economic growth and jobs while also protecting our most vulnerable citizens. I hope you find this newsletter helpful in highlighting some of our new laws and policies. As always, I am eager to hear from you and very easy to reach.

Warmest Regards,

Helping Seniors

AARP honored Rep. Reed with an award celebrating the huge drop in consumer complaints due to a new law she helped write. It bans retail electricity companies from selling variable rate contracts. Seniors especially were being exploited. Continuing to exterminate scams targeting seniors is a top priority for Rep. Reed.

Protecting Our Vulnerable Citizens

Rep. Reed welcomed members of our BHcare family to the Capitol during debate over proposed cuts to community based programs that provide essential housing and mental health services. After critical funds were successfully restored, BHcare urged passage of the budget.

Standing Up for Our Veterans

We enacted new laws to help veterans succeed in the private sector. The Labor Commissioner has been directed to create a database that matches veterans with jobs requiring their unique skills and training. And veteran-owned businesses are now incentivized to compete for state contracts.

Saving Taxpayers’ Dollars with Cleaner, Greener Energy

Rep. Reed wrote and led the debate to pass a new law enabling Branford to save taxpayer money on municipal electric bills by installing two solar projects on our landfill – Ecology Park.  Also, Branford will get paid by our electric utility company for electricity that Ecology Park sends back into the grid.

Fighting for Branford’s Kids

Rep. Reed fought tirelessly last session against extreme Education Cost Sharing (ECS) cuts to Branford Schools. Branford’s ECS funds were restored. 

Growing the Economy and Creating Jobs

Rep. Reed’s proactive support for Branford’s bioscience, technology, manufacturing, and small businesses helped generate more state backing for new and growing companies plus additional funding for the popular Small Business Express Program. 

Funding Quality of Life Projects

Despite state budget constraints, Rep. Reed continues to bring dollars back to Branford and to also ensure that Branford projects receive priority attention from state agencies. That includes $76,000 to create a new Hammer Field playground designed for babies and toddlers. It will join a popular playscape for older children that opened last year. Children with disabilities can access both.  

The Branford River State Boat Launch

The wear and tear on this boat launch, among the shoreline’s busiest, have made it downright dangerous. Rep. Reed pressed DEEP to make it a priority project. She fought for $297,000 of state bonding that will be combined with $700,000 in federal funds to make this project possible. Launch upgrades will better serve vessels from kayaks to large fishing boats.  

Limewood Avenue Beach Repair

As repairs to Rte. 146 washed onto the Limewood Ave. beach, frustrated neighbors asked Rep. Reed to plead their case to the Department of Transportation. DOT is now working with the Town to fast track the project. The preliminary design includes a sidewalk for safety and replaces unsightly concrete barriers with an attractive seawall.

Capitol Update 2016 (pdf)