Town Of Norwich Is Rich In History

February 17, 2016

Folks from WTNH-TV, Channel 8, made a “zip trip” to Norwich recently to explore and found that our town, later dubbed the Rose of New England, is rich in history. Click here to see what Zip Trip: 06360 found.

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Looking at Health Care From All Sides

February 10, 2016

Rep. Emmett D. Riley, who has gotten a close-up view of the health-care industry from literally inside and out, writes in an op-ed in the Norwich Bulletin about his hope that all parties in the health-care budget process adopt a patient-focused perspective.

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Grant For Fighting Substance Abuse

October 1, 2015

Representative Emmett D. Riley hails Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s announcement that the Southeastern Regional Action Council on Substance Abuse in Norwich has been awarded $125,000.

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Special Committee On Sex Offenders

August 8, 2015

I wanted to make sure you’re aware that the Connecticut Sentencing Commission’s Special Committee on Sex Offenders will be meeting tomorrow, Jan. 7, 2016, to hear an interim report on its progress.

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