Special Interest “Dark Money”

March 27, 2017

Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz, House Majority Leader Matt Ritter and Elections Committee House Chair Dan Fox held a press conference to discuss their legislation designed to shed light on and reduce the amount of special interest “dark money” in state election campaigns.

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Standing Up for the Safety Net

March 23, 2017

The incredible work of Community Renewal Team and all the state’s Community Action Agencies was the focus of Community Action Day 2017.

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Highlighting Addiction Services

March 22, 2017

I had a great meeting with InterCommunity at the Legislative Office Building.

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Celebrating Open Governemnt

March 8, 2017

In order to make sure the public has an open window to the Legislature, Speaker Joe Aresimowicz, State Representative William Tong and I held a brief pre-session press conference to talk about the business of the day.

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