Scanlon Hails Bipartisan Budget Passage And Total Victory For Guilford, Branford

May 10, 2018

Rep. Sean Scanlon joined colleagues from both parties in passing a bipartisan budget for the second consecutive year. The compromise budget is a total victory for Guilford and Branford in terms of increased funding for education, restoration of health care for seniors and a reversal of cuts to Shore Line East.

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Scanlon Leads House Passage Of Bill Requiring Transparency In Drug Pricing

May 4, 2018

Citing prescription drug prices as the fastest growing cost in healthcare, Rep. Sean Scanlon led a debate and unanimous House approval of legislation he introduced that creates transparency requirements for manufacturers of drugs having high price increases.

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Scanlon Working Hard To Get Drug Pricing, Mental Health Parity Bills Over Finish Line

April 19, 2018

With the clock winding down on the 2018 legislative session, Rep. Sean Scanlon said today that he and his colleagues are working hard in a strong bipartisan effort to pass legislation to make drug prices more transparent and improve mental health parity in insurance coverage. Video of Rep. Scanlon

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Scanlon Calls For Drug Price Transparency

March 6, 2018

Rep. Sean Scanlon and state Comptroller Kevin Lembo unveil legislation that for the first time creates transparency for pharmaceutical drug pricing in Connecticut. “Under this legislation, we will finally get our constituents the answers they deserve and dig deeper into what’s happening with drug prices so we can ultimately lower health care costs for Connecticut seniors and families,” Scanlon said.

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