Focusing on Children

April 18, 2016

From expanding concussion awareness to younger kids, to keeping cancer-causing chemicals and materials away from them, I am very excited about these child-friendly measures we are working on and am pleased with their progress.

Legislation includes:

  • Concussion Awareness/EducationHouse Bill 5141 broadens the definition of youth athletic activities and adds activities involving five and six-year-old participants to extend the concussion awareness requirement to operators of youth athletic activities involving these younger participants.
  • Banning Crumb Rubber - House Bill 5139 prohibits the installation of ground cover that contains shredded or ground rubber recycled from motor vehicle tires in municipal and public school playgrounds. Recycled industrial waste such as crumb rubber is known to include cancer causing chemicals.
  • GMO'sHouse Bill 5300 would require infant formula, baby food and children's foods that are produced partially or entirely with genetically engineered materials to be labelled as such.
  • Toxic Flame Retardants - House Bill 5299 would prohibit the sale of children’s products containing certain toxic flame retardant chemicals.

It is important that we keep working on behalf of children and youth who are among the most vulnerable segments of society. I am looking forward to the weeks ahead and will be urging my colleagues to support these bills this session.