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Bridgeport wins car tax reimbursement from the state
The Connecticut Post – April 11, 2018
Bridgeport is slated to receive $3.1 in supplemental car tax reimbursement money after the Bridgeport legislative delegation fought to secure the release of the funds from the state's Office of Policy and Management.

Legalizing recreational marijuana still a tough call for Connecticut
Fairfield County Business Journal – April 6, 2018
State Rep. Steve Stafstrom said there is public support for the legalization and regulation of marijuana, and it is not a partisan issue.

Bump stock ban bill moves to state House after vote
The Connecticut Post – April 3, 2018
State Rep. Steve Stafstrom said a legislative proposal that would ban bump stocks in Connecticut would ensure the safety of the state's residents and also honor the intent of the gun laws the legislature passes.

Lawmakers advance bills banning bump stocks, 'ghost guns'
The Connecticut Mirror – April 3, 2018
Connecticut lawmakers voted to move forward legislation that would ban bump stocks and untraceable firearms called "ghost guns."

Connecticut casino debate heats up
Yale Daily News – March 29, 2018
State Rep. Steve Stafstrom said if Connecticut is going to expand its casino gaming, the state needs to create a competitive bidding process.

Mayors of Bridgeport and New Haven object to state pay-outs for Hartford's debts
The Connecticut Post – March 23, 2018
State Rep. Steve Stafstrom said Bridgeport should discuss the benefits of entering into an agreement with the Municipal Accountability Review Board.

Legislation would create marijuana 'lounges,' and dispensaries across the state
The Hartford Courant – March 19, 2018
To stay competitive with surrounding states, state Rep. Steve Stafstrom it is vital to pass legislation that legalizes and regulations recreational marijuana for adult use during the 2018 legislative session.

Bridgeport senators, representatives speak in favor of casino
The Monroe Courier – March 15, 2018
The Bridgeport state legislative delegation spoke in favor of a bill that would permit an open, competitive process to expand casino gaming into Bridgeport during a public hearing on March 15.

Democratic lawmakers propose ban on bump stocks, 'ghost guns'
The Post Chronicle – March 1, 2018
Democratic members of the General Assembly's Judiciary Committee announced their intention to introduce legislation that would ban bump stocks and so-called "ghost guns." State Rep. Steve Stafstrom said passing this type of legislation would help ensure that the spirit and intent of the state's gun laws are being honored.

Lawmakers taking steps to fight gun violence
WTNH – February 5, 2018
To combat gun violence in Connecticut, lawmakers introduced two pieces of legislation that would ban bump stocks and "ghost" guns in the state. 

Pols seek bump stock, 'ghost' gun ban
New Haven Independent – February 5, 2018
Lawmakers introduced a series of legislation aimed at banning bump stocks and "ghost" guns in Connecticut. State Rep. Steve Stafstrom said this legislation is intended to get illegal guns off of Connecticut's streets and to make sure that the spirit of state laws are being followed.

YMCA Alliance declares state Rep. Stafstrom a Legislative Champion
Bridgeport Daily Voice – November 30, 2017
Commending his commitment to the local community, the Connecticut Alliance of YMCAs has named state Rep. Steve Stafstrom as its 2017 Legislative Champion.

State Representatives speak to students
The Fairfield Mirror – November 29, 2017
State Reps. Steve Stafstrom and Cristin McCarthy Vahey spoke with Fairfield University students about the importance of becoming active in their communities.

City hopes third time is charm for thermal loop
The Connecticut Post – November 24, 2017
Lawmakers believe they have salvaged a major economic and environmental project for downtown Bridgeport, which would provide cheaper heat to neighborhood residents and large tenants such as Housatonic Community College, the University of Bridgeport, the Webster Bank Arena and People’s Bank.

Dash cams now a priority for Bridgeport police
WNPR – November, 17, 2017
Through legislation that passed during the 2017 legislative session, municipalities are able to tap into state funds to purchase body and dashboard cameras for its police departments. State Rep. Steve Stafstrom, a strong proponent of body and dashboard cameras, said the equipment helps increase police accountability and officer safety.

State’s prison population lowest in in more than two decades
The Connecticut Post – November 11, 2017
Connecticut’s prison population has decreased to 14,000 inmates – the lowest in 23 years. State Rep. Steve Stafstrom said this sharp decrease is the result of a series of initiatives that have led to the reduction in crime and decline in prison populations.

Bridgeport takes green energy lead with thermal loop
Fairfield County Business Journal – November 10, 2017
Through the construction of a thermal loop, Bridgeport will be able to use a network of underground pipes to distribute energy, produced by a fuel cell, to supply space heating and domestic hot water to the city’s downtown buildings. State Rep. Steve Stafstrom said this project will not only reduce the city’s carbon footprint, but it will also bring in $130 million in privately-funded economic development and generate $3 million in property tax revenue on an annual basis.

Library backers outmaneuver Bridgeport’s political machine
The Connecticut Post – November 10, 2017
Bridgeport voters backed a referendum requiring City Hall to set aside roughly an extra $2 million next year for libraries. Those extra dollars will allow libraries to maintain the status quo so they can continue to provide the same level of service, state Rep. Steve Stafstrom said.

Current conundrum over school funding could be a harbinger of tougher battles ahead
The Hartford Courant – September 10, 2017
As Connecticut continues to address its fiscal challenges, state Rep. Steve Stafstrom advocates for a new education funding formula that allocates more aid to the state’s underfunded schools.

Bridgeport lawmakers continue push for thermal heat loop
WSHU – August 2, 2017
Bridgeport lawmakers are continuing to push for a thermal heating loop in the city. Not only would this project provide cheaper energy and heating costs in the city’s downtown but it would help spur economic development, state Rep. Steve Stafstrom said.

State legislative session a success for Bridgeport
The Connecticut Post – June 15, 2017
During the 2017 legislative session, the Bridgeport delegation worked hard to pass bills that invest in the city’s entertainment venues, green infrastructure and restructure the city’s unfunded pension liabilities.

Connecticut bill that would help police buy body and dash cams moves to Senate
The New Haven Register – June 2, 2017
A bill that makes it easier for municipal police departments to access state funding for body and dashboard cameras has moved through the state House of Representatives for consideration by the Senate. This would ensure that police departments have the necessary policies and safeguards in place to protect our communities, state Rep. Steve Stafstrom said.

House finds unanimous support for increasing computer crime penalty
CTNewsJunkie – May 16, 2017
As computer extortion increases at a rapid rate in both the private and public sector, the state House of Representatives passed a bill that would increase penalties for the crime.

Bridgeport would get pension break
The Connecticut Post – May 9, 2017
Bridgeport taxpayers will save $70 million over the next 26 years, under legislation that will lower the city’s interest costs for $83 million in unfunded pension liabilities. State Rep. Steve Stafstrom said recently passed legislation will allow the city to restructure a portion of its unfunded pension liabilities, giving residents some of the financial relief they need.

State’s cities must be at the heart of an economic rebound
The Connecticut Mirror – April 4, 2017
For Connecticut to move forward and compete with the likes of New York and Massachusetts, we need to invest in our urban centers so they can be the economic drivers the state needs to grow its economy.

Probate court considers added protections to curb theft by court-appointed guardians
The Hartford Courant – March 13, 2017
During the 2017 legislative session, lawmakers proposed new reforms to protect the elderly and mentally ill from abuse. These new reforms include random state audits of conservator accounts and tougher ethical standards.

Police, lawmakers want gun carriers to show permit if asked
The Hartford Courant – March 7, 2017
State Rep. Steve Stafstrom advocated for legislation that would amend state law to require gun owners to show their pistol permit if they are stopped by police. Stafstrom said this bill is one way to increase public safety.

Interview with Connecticut state Rep. Steve Stafstrom
Meet the Leaders – January 4, 2017
During an interview with Meet the Leaders, state Rep. Steve Stafstrom said paying down Connecticut’s debt is his top priority for the 2017 legislative session.