Beat The Heat: Extreme Hot Weather Protocol To Be Activated On Tuesday At Noon

June 17, 2024

Cooling centers, pools, and splash parks will be open as we approach the start of our first extreme hot weather protocol. It will be a brutally hot and humid stretch of weather from Tuesday through the rest of the week, and we all want to ensure that our most vulnerable are protected. The protocol begins Tuesday at noon and will remain effective through Sunday at noon.

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HB5001 - Protecting And Prioritizing Seniors

March 21, 2024

Great news! The Aging Committee approved HB 5001, an omnibus bill that will provide further support to our seniors.
This proposal is a priority of the House, and I am thrilled it is progressing through the legislative process.

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Early Voting: What You Need To Know

March 11, 2024

This legislation was made possible by a state Constitutional amendment approved by a wide majority of Connecticut voters in 2022. It will provide you - and voters across the state - with more flexibility and access to cast your vote with the confidence that your voice is heard and your civic duty is fulfilled, while avoiding large crowds and scheduling conflicts.

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