Trump Immigration Ban Is A War On People

February 7, 2017

In this op-ed article published by The Courant, Rep. William Tong, a child of immigrants and refugees, talks about the special traits that make America great and how President Trump's order to ban a large number of immigrants and refugees based on their religion will hurt our country.

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House Approves CT Pension Agreement

February 1, 2017

I want to thank my colleagues for joining me in making the hard decisions to confront our pension liabilities and take real steps toward ensuring the state’s fiscal stability. -- William Tong

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Spurring Job Growth Is Major Priority in CT

January 8, 2017

Rep. William Tong, co-chairman of the state’s Commission on Economic Competitiveness, wants to instill business confidence and kick job growth into high gear. "Business confidence is extremely important because if people are confident they make investments and take risks,” he says.

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Tong applauds CT funding for Stamford

November 15, 2016

Representative William Tong joins his Stamford colleagues in applauding the State Bond Commission's approval of $4.5 million in funding for Stamford projects, which will benefit seniors, families and people who enjoy the outdoors.

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