Urban Skewers Crumb Rubber Advocate

March 8, 2018

Julie Lemay works for crumb rubber manufacturers and the other day she tried to tell my Committee on Children there is no health concern for the children who play on playground surfaces made of the recycled tire rubber, a substance proven to contain CARGINOGENS!

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Animal Legal Defense Fund Names Urban As Top Ten Defender Of Animals

March 5, 2018

The Animal Legal Defense Fund, the nation’s leading legal advocacy organization for animals, has chosen Rep. Diana Urban as one of America’s Top Ten Animal Defenders. Each year, National Justice for Animals Week recognizes these individuals’ outstanding contributions to the protection of animals, raises public awareness about animal abuse and advises advocates how to pass stronger laws and demand better enforcement for acts of animal cruelty.

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Urban Praises Citizens' Election Program

March 4, 2018

Representative Diana Urban talks about the many benefits of the state's Citizens' Election Program in an interview by state Representative Josh Elliott. The program has been praised by good government advocacy organizations.

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Urban Lauds Grant For Denison Society

February 14, 2018

Representative Diana Urban congratulates members of the Denison Society of Mystic for their success in obtaining a $15,000 Farm Viability Grant through the state Department of Agriculture.

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