Legislature Approves Funding Increase for Birch Grove School

July 22, 2019

Today, the legislature voted favorably to reimburse the town of Tolland for 89 percent of the cost to rebuild Birch Grove Primary School.

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Governor Lamont Signs LGBTQ+ Legislation

July 18, 2019

Our state continues to lead in protecting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, and recently took several more steps to address the unique challenges LGBTQ+ people may face, particularly youth.

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New Laws Effective July 1

July 2, 2019

Along with the heat a number of new laws went into effect yesterday, including benefits for first responders who have been determined to have post-traumatic stress disorder after experiencing a traumatic event while on the job.

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Paid Family Medical Leave Passes the House

June 1, 2019

Yesterday, I cast a tough, yet what I felt to be a necessary vote to pass legislation which would implement a Paid Family Medical Leave program for Connecticut.

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