Protecting the Rights of Social Workers

March 4, 2019

This week I testified before the public health committee on House Bill 7198, An Act Concerning Social Workers. I testified in opposition of the bill as I believe that as it is written, the bill could damage professional practice and undermine the seven institutions that educate professional social workers in our state.

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CT Mirror: "Pat Wilson Pheanious’ second act in public life" by Mark Pazniokas

March 1, 2019

"Storytellers run in her family, and Pat Wilson Pheanious effortlessly glides into a description of growing up black in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner, riffing on a recent discovery by Witness Stones, a students’ research project in Guilford, that traced her family tree to a freed slave who fought in the Revolutionary War."

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Governor Unveils His Budget Proposal

February 20, 2019

The budget presentation is one of the most anticipated events at the State Capitol and Governor Lamont unveiled his Biennial Budget Address during the General Assembly Joint Session. You can read it here.

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Just Passed: Emergency Bill to Assist Federal Employees

January 22, 2019

For over a month, many federal employees have been reporting to work and performing their duties - without pay.

The government shutdown affects at least 1,500 Connecticut workers and they are struggling to pay their bills while they wait for their paychecks to resume.

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