“Unbalanced, Unsustainable, and Unwise” Budget Vetoed

September 29, 2017

Gov. Malloy says he’s prepared to make compromises, but the GOP budget is unacceptable because it raises taxes, defunds pensions and takes money away from the state university system.

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GOP Teacher Tax Update

September 20, 2017

I have received confirmation from the non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis that the Republicans' "teacher tax" goes into the General Fund, not the Teachers' Retirement System.

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GOP Budget Includes Tax Increase on Teachers

September 19, 2017

Every Connecticut public school teacher has to contribute 1% of their salary for half of this year, and 2% of all of next year's salary to the state's general fund!

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We Need a Budget, Not Crystal Ball Gazing

September 15, 2017

The Republican budget is a public relations ploy, not a budget that adds up.

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