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Outbound Migration

August 27, 2019
Capitalizing on the millennial migration: Op-Ed
By Jim Fagan - ctInsider


Housing Data Profiles
Partnership for Strong Communities

Student Debt

May 3, 2019
Report shows changes in Connecticut student loan debt from 2007 to 2017
By Erica Moser, Day staff writer

August, 2019
Student Debt Reform in the 2019 State Legislative Sessions
State Innovation Exchange

February 25, 2019
Student Loan Debt Statistics In 2019: A $1.5 Trillion Crisis
Zack Friedman, Forbes Senior Contributor

September 13, 2019
Nearly half of millennials said the biggest mistake they made with student loans is thinking their starting salaries would cover their monthly payments, a new study shows
Hillary Hoffower, Business Insider

Access to Credit

February 22, 2019
A shocking 1 in 4 millennials carry credit card debt for at least a year — here’s why they’re struggling to pay it off
Megan Leonhardt, CNBC

Lack of Entertainment/Nightlife

May 9, 2019
Hartford Whalers Gear Still Sells as Die-Hards Wait for Another Team
Scott Soshnick, Bloomberg


November 16, 2015
CT faces daunting transportation issues
Hartford Business Journal

2018 Report Card for Connecticut's Infrastructure
Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers

Workforce Preparedness in Secondary Education

August 5, 2019
SAT results: At least one-third of CT juniors unready for college or job
Maya Moore, CT Mirror

Technology Access

Environment and Climate Change

August 30, 2019
Climate Change Is Making the Affordable Housing Crunch Worse
Teresa Wiltz, Pew

June 11, 2019
Do younger generations care more about global warming?
By Matthew Ballew, Jennifer Marlon, Seth Rosenthal, Abel Gustafson, John Kotcher, Edward Maibach and Anthony Leiserowitz - Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

April 21, 2019
For some millennials, climate change clock ticks louder than biological one
By James Rainey, NBC News


Connecticut - #21 in Overall Rankings
U.S. News

Jul 23, 2019
Connecticut vs. Boston: How Can We Compete?
Dan Haar, Connecticut Magazine

Average Salary for State: Connecticut - $69K


State Representative Christine Palm