Support For Sikorsky Agreement

September 29, 2016

I voted for the agreement that keeps Sikorsky Aircrat in Connecticut noting that there are four suppliers in Southington that will benefit from this historic agreement.


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Halt Mileage Tax Study

September 8, 2016

I agree with those who oppose consideration of a mileage tax and have called on the Governor to halt an application for federal funds to even study the mileage tax proposal.



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Municipal Aid Increase For Southington

May 16, 2016

While we had a very challenging budget to approve that will help to eliminate a projected $1billion state deficit, I am pleased that Southington will receive more municipal aid over what the town was awarded in 2016.

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Town’s Festivals Live On

April 29, 2016

I welcome the news that a state building code has been modified so that the Town of Southington and our residents will be able to continue with all our great festivals that make Southington a special place to live and work.

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