Fighting For A Fair State Budget

September 6, 2017

Here’s what I’ve been working on:

  • Investing in growing the economy and creating jobs. We need to bolster our state’s economy. That’s why I’ve introduced proposals that would help East Haven attract and retain new businesses and hire local residents. I’ve also backed measures to improve job training and vocational programs. Lastly, continued investments in transportation make our roadways safer and provide meaningful public transportation options for all of us. This will help to invigorate small businesses in East Haven and across the state.
  • Providing long-term budget stability. We can’t let this budget stalemate happen again. I’ve put forward some common-sense measures to right our budget ship. We need to pay down more of our long-term debt each year. We must ensure that when the state borrows money, it is used only for helping our small businesses and for infrastructure improvements. Your taxpayer dollars should not go to billion-dollar hedge funds or other companies who happily take our money and then move our jobs out of state.
  • Making sure everybody pays their fair share. Regular people like you and me pay a lot in taxes. But the very rich benefit from tax loopholes that allow them to pay less than the average East Haven resident. That is simply not fair, and I want to close these loopholes. Other states, like New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, tax the super-rich. We should too. Asking our wealthiest to pay their fair share is common sense, and common sense is a value we can all appreciate.

I will always stay true to the values that I learned growing up in our town – that our families deserve the best we can give, that we should care for our neighbors, and that we succeed when we’re given a fair shot.

I will continue to fight for these ideals no matter what. It’s not going to be easy, and I might not always win, but remember – I will always have your back.

I would love the opportunity to sit down with you and your neighbors in person to discuss the state of our state further. If you’d like to schedule a time for me to meet with you, please call me on my cell phone at 203-435-8927 or email me at