Small Businesses: Our Legislative Priority

February 1, 2019

One of our priorities for the 2019 legislative session is to improve our support for local businesses by streamlining government services and expanding access to capital for small businesses.

Small businesses are the lifeline of our economy. They create jobs, increase productivity, and capitalize on growth opportunities here and globally. We must continue supporting small businesses by providing them with the tools they need to succeed, so Connecticut remains poised for economic growth.

I made a promise to work across the aisle to support businesses and will be working hard to push a bill I introduced to repeal the business entity tax.

According to a recent news article, Connecticut has added more than 23,000 jobs this year. Over the past several years we have put a laser-focus on policies to promote small business growth. I believe if we prioritize empowering business owners, small businesses will succeed.

This session, we are targeting health care costs for small business. The Labor Committee is working on a bill to offer small businesses a public option for health care. Employers would be able to offer a reasonably priced plan with comprehensive benefits, allowing employees to get on the same plan as state employees.

We are working hard to support Connecticut businesses and make it easier to do business in Connecticut. Because a strong, vibrant business sector creates opportunities for families and communities across the 2nd District and throughout Connecticut.