Off shore wind measures advance out of committee

March 14, 2019

As co-chairs the Energy & Technology Committee, I am pleased two off shore wind important measures moved out committee.

The legislation, SB 875, An Act Expanding Connecticut’s Offshore Wind Energy Portfolio, would expand offshore wind energy and HB 7156, An Act Concerning The Procurement Of Energy Derived From Offshore Wind, would authorize the procurement of energy derived from offshore wind.

Both of these measures are critical components in our mission to finding renewable sources of energy to fulfill the growing demand for cleaner and more affordable solutions. I am pleased our Committee is open to advancing these measures and supporting ideas that facilitate the development of alternative fuel options.

The bills are now in favorable position to go ahead for full consideration by the General Assembly as the Legislative Session progresses.

I am proud of the work we have been doing in our committee and look forward to continue working with my colleagues to make sure our state is ready for the emerging wind power industry.