Keeping Millennials in Connecticut

December 4, 2017

UConn computer science major Susmitha Rayakota is eager to take advantage of a new tax credit for STEM graduates who live and work in Connecticut when she graduates in 2019. Photo | Bill Morgan

Susmitha Rayakota will graduate from UConn with a computer science and engineering degree in 2019, and when she does, she's planning to take advantage of a new tax credit geared toward keeping young talent like her in the state.

The $500 student graduate tax credit, which can be claimed for five consecutive years, was tucked into the recently passed state budget and will be available for college grads starting in Jan. 2019. Eligible recipients will have to earn a degree in the science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) fields, be employed in Connecticut and live or move here within two years of graduating.