Opening Day of 2017 Legislative Session

January 4, 2017

I was honored and humbled to be officially elected by my colleagues as Speaker of the House of Representatives when the Connecticut General Assembly convened on Wednesday. This legislative session will be a challenging year for lawmakers. Nonetheless, I am excited to get to work on helping solve the problems facing our state – work that I hope can be completed in a bipartisan fashion.

Fiscal Accountability:

  • This is our top priority in 2017 -- to bring stability to Connecticut’s finances. The effort needed to balance the state budget may seem daunting, but it is achievable. It will take hard work and compromise. We can succeed by streamlining state government, providing services more efficiently and making critical adjustments to how we fund our long term obligations.

Other priorities include:

  • Providing our vocational technical schools with the tools and resources needed to ensure student success
  • Making higher education more affordable
  • Supporting small businesses so they can expand and create good-paying jobs
  • Finding ways to reduce the burden of property taxes on hard-working families
  • Creating an atmosphere in state government that is responsive, transparent and accountable to the needs of Connecticut residents