Green Energy Moves Forward

May 28, 2019

I am pleased that Connecticut is taking important steps with innovative ideas to help us address our environmental and energy challenges.

Today, my colleagues in the House voted on a comprehensive measure that will lay the ground work towards sustainable green initiatives that include investments in renewable energy and green technology to help us achieve some of our long term energy goals.

House Bill 5002, a green economy and environmental protection measure, will lead to the deployment of solar energy in our state and increase green jobs and economic activity.

Here is what this legislation does:

  • Extends renewable energy programs, including traditional net metering and extends the Green Banks renewable solar investment program.
  • Expands the virtual net metering cap which will reduce energy costs for municipalities.
  • Requires DOT to put together a land inventory on which lands are suitable for Class I energy resources. For example, solar energy on lands adjacent to state highways.

A provision in the bill will also create a Green Jobs Career Ladder website for jobs in the green technology industry, which will include a listing of careers and the jobs available in the state.

Additionally, the measure will promote the construction of high performance green state buildings that have reduced emissions and conservative water resource management, as well as promote sustainable and regenerative meter cycles.

Most importantly, our farmers can more easily construct anaerobic digesters which impacts animal waste and the Scantic River.

Animal waste runoff pollutes our rivers with pathogens like E-Colo and Salmonella. Heat generated in these digesters kill the pathogens and digesters also produce a burnable gas which can be used as a renewable energy source on farms. Today's dairy farms have thousands of cows producing millions of gallons of manure a year. The digested manure makes a great fertilizer that can be safely spread on fields without putting our waterways in danger.

I am encouraged by legislation like this that will create new and viable career opportunities, benefit the environment and help protect our planet for generations to come. I am proud to support legislation that not only strengthens our state, but also Enfield.