Aresimowicz Applauds Veto Session

June 20, 2016

House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz (D – Berlin/Southington) voted, along with his colleagues in the House, to overturn five of the eight bills that were vetoed by Governor Malloy. While only three of the vetoes were overturned by both the House and Senate, Aresimowicz is encouraged by the action the House took on the bills.

“Today the House showed our independence from the Governor’s office on issues that we feel are important to the people of Connecticut. Specifically, we addressed the issue of making Connecticut’s business climate stronger for small businesses, particularly manufacturers, by overriding PA 16-32 – An Act Concerning The Impact of Proposed Regulations On Small Businesses and PA 16-183 – An Act Concerning The Apprenticeship Tax Credit and The Tax Credit Report. The people of Connecticut want to see us work on a bipartisan basis to improve our business climate, and today’s efforts prove that we are able to do just that.”

Both chambers voted to overturn the veto of PA 16-32. This law brings businesses into the process of developing regulations before they are adopted, which will lessen the regulatory burden on small businesses in the state.

The Governor’s veto of PA 16-183 was overturned by the House but not the Senate. This legislation would have extended the manufacturing apprenticeship tax credit to allow the owners and partners of S corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and other pass-through entities to use the tax credit against their personal income taxes. PA-16-183 also would have required the legislature’s Program Review and Investigation Committee to analyze the state’s tax credit program.

The other vetoes that were overturned by both chambers were PA 16-113 – An Act Concerning Principal Investment Officers, which improves our ability to manage Connecticut’s pension fund, and SA 16-8 – An Act Concerning Nonemergency Transportation For Medicaid Recipients, which will set up a competitive bidding process for Medicaid transportation services within the Department of Social Services to save money and ensure quality services.

The additional vetoes that the House voted to overturn but were not overturned by the Senate were PA 16-85 – An Act Implementing the Recommendations Of The Auditors Of Public Accounts And Repealing A Provision Concerning State Agency Reporting of Certain Contractor Information and PA-16-98 – An Act Concerning Operators of Athletic Activities, Coaches And Referees And The Employer-Employee Relationship.

Press Release: Aresimowicz Applauds Veto Session Overrides