Morris Announces $1.4 Million For Norwalk

May 27, 2016

Rep. Bruce Morris (D-Norwalk) announced Friday that $1.4 million in state grants has been approved for general improvements to Norwalk public school buildings.

The funds were requested to finance supplemental grants-in-aid, based on approved applications received, to Alliance Districts for general improvements to school buildings in accordance Section 10-265h of the General Statutes. The funding was approved Friday by the State Bond Commission.

“This funding is great news for public school students in Norwalk,” said Morris, deputy speaker of the House of Representatives. “Securing this money was the result of a collaborative effort by many on the local and state level and I applaud everyone’s efforts to make sure Norwalk students’ needs are being met.”

Morris said the building projects include improvements to windows, doors, boilers, heating and ventilation systems, communications/technology systems, lockers, floors, ceilings, restrooms, lighting, energy efficiency, entryways, driveways, parking areas, play areas, athletic fields, various equipment, roof repairs and installation or upgrade of security equipment.