UConn Tuition Increase Opposed

December 8, 2015

The Hartford Courant recently reported that a 4-year tuition increase plan is being considered by the University Of Connecticut Board Of Trustees. As I have stated in the past, tuition increases place yet another stumbling block in the way of already struggling minority students.

Instead of encouraging enrollment, proposals like this one make it more difficult for students to consider UConn, our flagship university, as an option. With the current college-related costs, many students end up with more student loan debt than they can afford, this measure would once again add more to their bill. It is my hope that the board finds other ways to keep the university solvent - not on the backs of students.

If approved:

  • The plan would add to a 2014 tuition increase of 6.5 percent that added $600/year to in-state tuition
  • The new 4 year plan would increase tuition 31 percent by 2019

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