Great Strides in Manufacturing

June 6, 2016

Connecticut has recently made some great strides in manufacturing. Thousands of new manufacturing jobs are expected to be created in the state over the next few years, and the legislature has been doing its part to ensure that our workforce is ready to meet this rising demand.

A recent federal investment in submarines, helicopters, and strike fighters means more work for some of Connecticut’s largest manufacturers. A recent Hartford Courant article reports that manufacturing employment has been up in each of the last three months compared to the same period in 2015.

I’m proud to have supported the following pieces of legislation that will aid Connecticut’s manufacturing revival:

Encouraging Students to Consider Careers in Manufacturing
This legislation, HB 5423, establishes a special committee to coordinate efforts to educate middle and high school students about manufacturing. The committee will:

  • Compile a catalog of available manufacturing training programs in Connecticut
  • Consult with manufacturers to determine if educational programs are meeting workforce needs

The commissioner of education will also develop a program to introduce students and their parents to careers in manufacturing.

Addressing Teacher Shortages in Technical High Schools
Connecticut’s Technical High School System (CTHSS) has recently struggled with teacher shortages. This law, PA 16-42, was recently signed by the Governor and addresses that shortage by:

  • Allowing the superintendent of CTHSS to submit their estimated funding needs directly to the state’s budget office
  • Requiring the superintendent to report workforce issues to the legislature
  • Establishing a pilot program to provide manufacturing training for current workers who require additional skills or training

Both of these bills passed the legislature with bipartisan support. This is a positive step forward in creating more well-paying jobs in our state, and I will continue to support efforts to train Connecticut's workforce.