New Legislation to Combat Opioid Addiction

March 21, 2016

Today I joined my colleagues at a press conference to announce new legislation to combat opioid addiction. Opioid addiction is a public health crisis in our state and across the country. For many people, that addiction begins with taking legally prescribed pain killers. This legislation ensures that patients are not receiving more pain killers than necessary for their medical situation.

The bill, An Act Concerning Prescriptions for and the Dispensing of Opioid Antagonists, does the following:

  • Limits first-time adult pain killer prescriptions to a 7-day supply, except in certain medical situations
  • Limits all pain killer prescriptions for minors to a 7-day supply, except in certain medical situations
  • Makes Narcan, a treatment for narcotic overdose, available over the counter

I'm hopeful that this bill will save lives by preventing opioid addiction and overdoses. Check out the video below to learn more about this legislation:

Press Release: Public Health Committee Unveils Major Opioid Prescription Law