Radiology Society Honors Aresimowicz

July 12, 2016

House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz with Dr. Thomas Farquhar, Legislative Co-Chair of the Radiological Society of Connecticut, at the Legislative Office Building.  

House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz (D-Berlin/Southington) was honored by the Radiological Society of Connecticut for his advocacy of legislation that will enable policymakers to closely track the access of patients to needed imaging and radiology services. 

“I am honored to be recognized by the Radiological Society of Connecticut,” said Rep. Aresimowicz. “It is crucial that we provide Connecticut residents with access to all aspects of healthcare, including radiology and imaging services, in the most efficient and effective ways. That is why I advocated for legislation that will provide data that we can use to streamline and improve our radiological and imaging services in the state.”

The legislation, Special Act 16-17/Senate Bill 295, An Act Concerning Radiological and Imaging Services, requires the Commissioner of Social Services to provide data on utilization trends in radiological and imaging services in the Medicaid program to the Council on Medical Assistance Program Oversight.

“This legislation is critical for our ability to make sure that patients continue to have access to these needed services,” said Thomas Farquhar, M.D., legislative co-chair of the organization. “We appreciate Rep. Aresimowicz’s leadership in many areas of health care policy.”

The Radiological Society of Connecticut also cited Rep. Aresimowicz for his support of legislation that will improve breast cancer detection. 

Public Act 16-82/House Bill 5233 will increase the insurance coverage of Breast Tomosynthesis, a 3D form of mammography.  Tomosynthesis has been shown to reduce patient callbacks for an additional test due to the uncertainty of images by 40 percent.

Press Release: Radiology Society Honors Aresimowicz