Consumer Advocate for MDC

March 27, 2017

Consumers served by the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) are one step closer to having an independent advocate who will increase transparency and accountability. The General Assembly’s Planning & Development (P&D) committee legislation (HB 6008) which requires the MDC to pay for an independent consumer advocate who will be appointed by - and report to - Connecticut’s Consumer Counsel.

Too often MDC policies are decided without advance notice or public participation. Many MDC board members are appointed by the Legislature and Governor without direct accountability to member towns. An Independent Consumer Advocate cures that deficiency by being accountable to and serving as the 'eyes and ears' of the public only. This is a milestone accomplishment that gives a strong voice to the MDC District towns.

The consumer advocate will be required to provide the public information in a timely manner about policies, ordinances, agenda, motions and votes, hearings, and other substantive information dealing with water and sewer management and operations of the Metropolitan District Commission so that the public and municipal officials are aware of matters impacting their towns and fellow residents.