Increase MDC Transparency

March 3, 2017

Residents throughout our State believe that our water is a precious commodity that sustains life, and as such, must be protected and managed cautiously.

Of concern is that the commercial water bottling business without proper regulations will be using the best-processed water in the country for export to other states, in plastic bottles that create environmental pollution, and in a manufacturing process that may produce hazardous waste.

People are also concerned about transparency in the zoning, permitting and tax abatement process.

I have proposed two bills, Raised Bill 6004 (LCO No. 999) and Raised Bill 6008 (LCO No. 1001) which address issues of an Independent Consumer Advocate for the MDC Board and Municipal Application Transparency.

The genesis of these two proposed bills arose out of public comment at various Bloomfield Town Council meetings and throughout Greater Hartford, by residents opposed to the a Niagara Bottling Plant in Bloomfield. After the conclusion of a successful zoning process, Niagara applied for and received tax abatement from the Bloomfield Town Council. Niagara also received MDC approval to receive water for the manufacture of its plastic bottles and for commercial re-sale in its water bottles. The MDC passed an ordinance for high volume users that allows for discounted water rates once the commercial customer exceeds usage of 500,000 gallons per day. In addition the MDC changed its sewer charge for “large users” to provide an additional discount.

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