Keno Surpasses Expectations In Revenue

February 8, 2017

State Rep. Berger, who spearheaded the Keno legislation during the 2016 session, announced that the lottery game has brought millions of dollars in revenue to Connecticut.

According to the Connecticut Lottery, since Keno was implemented in April 2016, it has brought in $35 million in gross sales. It has additionally contributed $1,120,151 to the 2016 CT General Fund and $7,712,437 this year.

Upon passage of the bill, Keno was only expected to produce $13 million to $17 million in revenue.

“I vigorously fought to pass this bill and bring Keno to Connecticut,” Rep. Berger said. “Keno has brought in desperately needed revenue to the state and keeps our state’s business model competitive. I’m very pleased to see the state reap these economic rewards.”


Press Release: Keno is Surpassing Expectations