The Battle to Eliminate Single-Use Straws Passes First Hurdle

March 21, 2019

The Environment Committee voted 22-6 in favor of moving, HB 5385, An Act Requiring the Elimination of Single-Use Plastic Straws, out of committee.

We are facing a climate crisis, there is no solution too small. Single use plastic straws may seem like a small step but it is laying the ground work for future changes we need to embrace for CT. In the same meeting we voted to ban polystyrene [Styrofoam is a trade name] trays in cafeterias. We need to critically examine our daily usage of single-use plastics and look for mechanisms where we can eliminate that use all together for the betterment of our environment.

This bill, modeled after a similar bill in California, will now disallow restaurants from automatically providing straws to patrons to cut down on usage and waste. Consumers can still ask for a straw and do not have to give a reason. There is similar legislation in many states across the country. There is no reason we need to be last to make changes. Our coast line is just as precious and vulnerable as the other states looking to make the changes needed to protect our oceans and land.

Press Release: Bill Co-Sponsored by Rep. Borer, Eliminating Single-Use Plastic Straws Moves towards a Vote on the House Floor