Bye Bye Plastic Bags

March 25, 2019

The Environment Committee is on a roll! With the vote to move, SB 1003, An Act Concerning the Use of Single-Use Plastic and Paper bags (aka the "plastic bag ban") out of the Environment Committee this morning, we are one step closer to instituting impactful changes to the environment.

You can find the official bill language below:

On and after January 1, 2020, no store shall provide or sell to any customer at the point of sale a single-use carryout bag that is made of plastic. In the event that a store provides a customer with a single-use carryout bag made of paper after January 1, 2020, such bag shall be one hundred per cent recyclable, contain a minimum of forty per cent post-consumer recycled content and conspicuously display the following phrase on such bag: "Please Reuse and Recycle This Bag".