Reflecting on the Last Day of Session

May 9, 2024

The 2024 Session has ended! Right before midnight yesterday, we were able to pass some key legislation that addressed priorities we had been working on for the entire session, including:

✅HB 5046 - Bettering patient care in nursing homes
✅HB 5211 - An act concerning virtual currency and money transmission.
✅HB 5367 - Provides gene testing coverage for critically ill infants.
✅HB 5498 - Improves the security of elections.
✅SB1 - Improving the health and safety of Connecticut residents

✅SB 5 - Makes improvements to our public schools & indoor air quality, increases access to early childhood education, and enhances school nutrition programs.
✅SB 123 - Protects victims of financial abuse and coerced debt by providing additional resources.

✅SB 253 - Prohibits foreign governments from spending money on political campaigns.
✅SB 292 - Further protects our environment and health by phasing out the sale of certain products containing the dangerous and forever chemical PFAS.
✅SB 308 - Improves the timeliness of wheelchair repairs.
✅SB 341 - Establishes a fallen officer fund to provide health insurance coverage to survivors of a police officer killed in the line of duty.